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Our compelling Why

     KaMIT was created with the busy woman in mind. We know you don’t have time to change your clothes three or four times a day to suit your different roles as business woman, parent, chauffeur, role model, workout partner, etc. In the magical world of movies and television, there is a wardrobe and makeup team to make each transition seamless and stunning.

In real life, we need clothes that transition effortlessly and elegantly.

     At KaMIT, we are committed to creating active lifestyle fashion that allows you to move through your day in  comfort and style, no matter what size you are.  KaMIT’s active wear is designed for real women who wear it to work and to work out.

It’s designed and made right here in the USA to flatter most body types, while offering style, color, and versatility.

     And we do it all with environmentally-friendly fabrics that support the earth as well as the wearer. Not only are bamboo and organic cotton-based clothes good for the planet, they feel great against the skin, wick moisture away, and are naturally cooling – all excellent features for workout and casual wear.

Made in the USA

     I created the brand KaMIT as a way to combine my passion for fitness – I am a certified fitness trainer, with my flair for and interest in fashion.  I named the brand "Ka'MIT"  becuase I know that whatever you do you have commit.  I committed to make clothes here in the USA so that my company could create jobs.

     The items that I do not  design myself are designed by other up-and-coming American designers.  Ka'MIT garments are made in a shop right in Dallas, Texas, USA.   

It does cost more to manufacture in the USA but I am  committed to the idea that America should bring back manufacturing when possibe home to the USA.  Doing this creates jobs, affords companies better control over the quality of their products, and contributes to a better lifestyle for Americans.