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And besides,  we love it.

We want you to reach your highest potential while living life out large...

Why We Do It.

A 3rd grade student called our company and asked if we recycled.  That made me think about what type of planet our children would inherit.


Our Corporate Name

​​​          "Bamboo Fabric  Good for the Planet,                                                    Good for Fashion"
      Bamboo is a natural plant fiber that grows most abundantly in India and China.

 It grows rapidly and  requires little or no pesticides or water to grow. Bamboo plants release lots of oxygen into the air. 

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Founder/Dorris Bogus

ACE Certified Fitness Instructor

Member IDEA Health & Fitness Association

African American Association of Fitness Professionals

            It's about Living Your Life Out Large

Our Jingle / Motto

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