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We partner with a major school of fashion design as well

as local high schools to mentor and offer internship position and much more.

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In excellence, customer value, and an unrelenting commitment to exceeding   your expectation.   Every aspect of our brand is infused with it's namesake,  commitment.  


Here is where the brand's concept is tested and brought to life.

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Who We Are

women's fitness wear


KaMIT's women's fitness wear and mens fitness wear stands up to the toughest workout.  KaMIT is all about helping you live a balanced healthy and fit lifestyle.  That means having fitness wear that easy to maintain, durable, and on trend.  KaMIT has it all.  Try KaMIT women's fitness wear and mens fitness wear today.  Order now.Check out our fitness videos as well.

​​IT ALL STARTED WHEN DORRIS launched A women's fitness wear and mens fitness wear line in 2008.  She could not fine clothes that would transition through her busy day.​​

     At the time, she was a busy mom of 3 who loved working out, entreprenuership and her family.

     She was frustrated in her search for the perfect outfit that was stylish and comfortable, and that would transition through her day Being a determined problem solver, she decided to design, manufacture and sell her own brand.  She knew that there were millions of others, both men and women who have the same need.  She launched KaMIT a women's fitness wear line as well as mens fitness wear basics.  The rest  is history.


kamit culture 

Why is the brand called KaMIT?

The brand is called KaMIT because commitment is a basic foundation of alll human achievement. KaMIT  reflects and declares to the world that you you are prepared to commit to whatever you do. Inner resolve.

Why is the brand unique? 

The brand is unique because the founder is a certified fitness instructor and a busy mom who knows and appreciates functional fitness apparel.  The brand concept extends to all areas of a healthy lifestyle. There are  fitness videos, motivational books, Fit Kits, and coming soon, a KaMIT Fit Quick Cook Book and Energy Bars.  The brand is for individuals and families who want to declare their commitment to livng a healty lifestyle.  KaMIT is right there supporting you.


Where are you located?

We are based in Richardson, Texas USA.  Our facility is a combination of offices, showroom, and product development.  

ABOUT Kamit